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                      Taiwan - My Beautiful Island (2011年) 我的美麗島台灣             17 Min

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Taiwanese movies have earned a high reputation in international film festivals over the past few years, giving a different impression of Taiwan, with its vitality of soft power and culture, to the whole world. Last year, the number of tourists to Taiwan reached a record of 5,567,000; to keep the number rising, the Tourism Bureau is targeting 4 categories of tourists: young backpackers, senior couples, young women, and families. A brand-new international promotional film was shot, using movie production values for the first time, to incorporate the island's natural beauty and cultural diversity into a short film. The beauty of Taiwan is shown through both images and sound to portray Taiwan's warmth and hospitality to from tourists around the world.


The most meaningful element of a trip is "people", who give tourists their most lasting memories, and it is friendly interpersonal relations that make Taiwan a unique destination for tourists from all over the world. The Tourism Bureau invited director Johnason Lo, who has won international Promax, iF Design, and red-dot awards, and Michael Fimognari, a well-known photographer with two Emmy awards to his credit, to help produce the film, "Time for Taiwan—My Beautiful Island". The film takes a completely different perspective, and focuses primarily on interpersonal relations at their most unique. The film is designed in a way that escapes the constraints of a rigid government promotional film, and also abandons the old fashioned style of a drama or a scenic-spot-oriented film. The images in the film are seen through eyes of four groups of tourists and through their stories in Taiwan, which show vividly the excitement and discovery they experience during their journey. A trip can produce in tourists valuable memories and a desire to come again. This is what the film, "It's time for Taiwan", tries to tell everyone in the world: come experience this beautiful island.

旅行中最令人印象深刻的是「人」,也因為「人」使旅行更具意義和價值,而臺灣的人情味一直都是國際旅客最為稱讚的魅力點。觀光局特別邀請獲得Promax、iF Design、red-dot國際競賽大獎的臺灣新銳導演羅申駿先生,以及榮獲2座艾美獎的美國知名攝影師Mr. Michael Fimognari,為本片"Time for Taiwan—My Beautiful Island"親自操刀,跳脫政府宣傳的框架,顛覆以往景點式或偶像式的拍攝手法,以重拾人情味作為臺灣旅遊的最大賣點。透過4組國際旅客的目光,以電影說故事的方式呈現­,旅客從入境臺灣對旅程未知的期待,到旅行臺灣過程中的精彩發現和驚喜感動。旅行並非一段旅程的結束,而是一個故事的開始!它對旅客所產生的內在價值是無價的啟發,也是促­其再次造訪的動力。"It's time for Taiwan!"旅行臺灣,就是現在!讓我們一起歡迎更多外國友人來臺體驗這座美麗的島嶼吧! (資料來源交通部觀光局)

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